Join the Camp Reserve Community Consultation Committee

Council is inviting Expressions of Interest from community members to join the newly created Camp Reserve Community Consultation Committee (CRCCC) to support the design and development of the new pavillion and courts at Camp Reserve.

Camp Reserve is the shire's premier sporting reserve. It accommodates a range of sporting and community uses including football, netball, cricket, table tennis and other events.

In September 2020, Council adopted a master plan for the reserve which provides a future direction for the improvement of facilities at the reserve.

The major recommendations from the master plan are the development of a new multi-use community pavillion (western side of the oval) and the addition of a netball and multi-purpose court.

About the Committee

The Camp Reserve Community Consultation Committee (CRCCC) has been established as a partnership between Council and members of the Castlemaine community to support the advancement of the design development of key infrastructure elements of the endorsed Camp Reserve Master Plan (2020).

The CRCCC will support and encourage constructive collaboration between Council and the community to deliver these critical community aspirations. The CRCCC will also provide feedback to Council on draft plans and advice to Council with coordinating consultation with the broader community during the design process of the pavilion and courts at Camp Reserve.

Council is looking for up to 10 people with relevant skills and experience to join the CRCCC.

Selection Criteria

To be considered as a member of the CRCCC, applicants must have the following skills and experience:

  • Strong local knowledge of Castlemaine and/or be a Castlemaine resident
  • Adequate knowledge of the Camp Reserve pavilion and facilities
  • Ability to represent a broad range of views that represent the diversity of the Castlemaine community
  • Knowledge of and/or a strong interest in the design of sport recreation and community facilities
  • A willingness to contribute meaningfully to meetings in a fair and unbiased manner, looking beyond personal interests for the benefit of the Castlemaine community
  • Ability to commit to the CRCCC for the term of appointment.

For further details including the membership selection criteria please refer to the Terms of Reference established for the Committee.

Selection Process

All Expressions of Interest received for consideration to become a member of the CRCCC will be assessed by a panel of representatives from Mount Alexander Shire Council.

Selection will be based on the key selection criteria and the response provided to the questions overleaf.

Express your interest