We're working to improve safety at Expedition Pass Reservoir

Expedition Pass Reservoir, also known as the Res, is situated on Golden Point Road in Golden Point.

The popular swimming and recreation spot attracts a high number of visitors to the area during the warmer months, and currently there is only one small access point to the reservoir from Golden Point Road.

The lack of formalised parking at the site creates risks for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists accessing the reservoir, and is an issue we're prioritising.

Examples of current parking issues at the site

The photographs below are examples of illegal and unsafe parking practises at Expedition Pass Reservoir.

What you've told us about parking at the Res

In March this year, we called for your input around the perceived traffic and parking issues at the site.

We received over 90 responses that were summarised into the following key concepts:

  • Not enough parking.
  • Illegal parking and driving behaviours.
  • Lack of enforcement of road and parking rules.
  • Poor sight lines.
  • Pedestrian safety issues.
  • Speed limit reduction.
  • Improved signage.
  • Provision of formalised parking.

Considering this feedback, an analysis of existing car parking and traffic conditions has been undertaken by consultants O'Brien Traffic on behalf of Council.

A draft parking and traffic analysis report has been completed, including a Preliminary Concept Design that offers both short-term and long-term recommendations that aim to improve safety at the site.