Help to design new footpaths

Council is at the initial stages of designing some new footpaths. The proposed footpaths will provide access to community centers like Chewton Primary School, Wesley Hill Recreation Reserve, Camp Reserve and Campbells Creek Recreation Reserve from major roads and train stations.

We have five proposed locations to connect to, and extend, our existing footpath network. These five locations are:

  • Baker Street Footpath (Chewton Primary School to Main Street, Chewton)
  • Merson Street Footpath (Wesley Hill Recreation Reserve to Duke Street, Castlemaine)
  • Duke Street Footpath (McGrath Street to Leanganook Track, Castlemaine)
  • Campbells Creek Fryers Road – Stage 2 (Campbells Creek Recreation Reserve to Eleanor Drive, Campbells Creek)
  • Gingell Street Footpath (Castlemaine Railway Station to Forest Street via Camp Reserve, Castlemaine)

We would love to hear what you think about each of the proposed options. Have a look at the location maps below and share your feedback with us.

This work links to Council's Walking and Cycling Strategy 2010-2020