Should tents, caravans and tiny homes on wheels be able to camp on private property with an existing dwelling without a permit?

We are considering a change to Local Law 13 - Camping on Private Property with a dwelling as part of our efforts to increase affordable housing in the shire.

In late 2022 Councillors committed to community engagement before making a decision on the proposed change. In particular we are keen to:

  • Explore the level of community support for the proposed change
  • Better understand any direct or indirect impacts to residents and property owners across the shire.

Currently, the local law requires property owners to apply for a permit to camp or occupy a caravan or tiny house on wheels for up to six months on a property where there is an existing dwelling

Under the proposed change a person will be able to camp or occupy a caravan or tiny house on wheels on property where there is an existing dwelling, for an indefinite period of time with no permit required.

Property owners seeking to put a caravan, tent or tiny home on wheels on their property where there isn’t an existing dwelling, are required to apply to Council for a permit through the existing process.

Regulatory conditions, such as the management of wastewater, sewerage and domestic refuse, will still need to be properly managed by the property owner and taken off site for appropriate legal disposal at a dump point. Penalties may apply for property owners who do not comply with these requirements.

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