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What do you think of our new spaces?

Mount Alexander Shire Council, supported by the State Government’s Outdoor Eating and Entertainment Program, has provided temporary spaces to support outdoor dining and entertainment at locations throughout the Shire.

Thank you for your contributions!

We are currently reviewing your comments and suggestions and look forward to feeding back what we heard soon.


Village Square


Picnic Tables

How do you feel about our pop-up spaces?

27 August, 2021

Antoine says:

Great idea. I sit at a table every day and enjoy may take way coffee while watching the world go buy!

28 July, 2021

Maggie says:


28 July, 2021

Andy_J says:

Love the parklets and picnic tables - just simple ideas that create spaces for people to hang out. Love reclaiming car-parks for people too!

28 July, 2021

AnitraNelson says:

Are the pop-up spaces attached to particular venues? Can anyone hang out in them or do they have to be customers of the venue? I like them!

21 July, 2021

MandyC says:

I love the revamped old bank corner. It is a fantastic space as it is/on its own: but also is such a great canvas for events and other uses!

29 June, 2021

Berna says:

Lots of great ideas!

20 June, 2021

ames says:

I like it. Would be fun to have food truck Fridays once a month and invite new cuisine to town

13 June, 2021

RyanMc says:

Great use of the space. Should definitely be made permanent. Good job!

12 June, 2021

danton says:

Love the extra alfresco areas. Great addition, great atmosphere for town. Big gain for small loss of a few car parks. Pls make permanent!

2 June, 2021

PeterStrang says:

This is great! Having a permanent power source would facilitate live performances

31 May, 2021

Ronnie says:

They are wonderful and could easily be permanent - add a lovely vibrancy to the streets and offer viability to local business

31 May, 2021

Josie94 says:

Fabulous spaces! Definitely should be kept for good.