Let's talk about improving road safety in Castlemaine

We are working to improve access and safety for people travelling to three primary schools in Castlemaine for people walking, riding as well as those travelling by motor vehicle to:

  • Castlemaine Primary School
  • Castlemaine North Primary School
  • Winters Flat Primary School.

What you told us

We heard from 133 people about road safety near Castlemaine Primary School, Castlemaine North Primary School and Winters Flat Primary School.

  • For people that walked or rode to school, around half felt the journey was unsafe
  • People were concerned about:
    • Parking (limited spaces, busy drop-off/pick up times and congestion)
    • Pedestrian and cyclist safety due to manoeuvring vehicles and high traffic speed and volumes near Castlemaine Primary and Castlemaine North Primary schools.

We have listened to your feedback, as well as collected and reviewed crash data, traffic speed and volume data, pedestrian and cyclist data, parking demand and observation of people travelling to/from each of the schools.

We have developed the draft plan accordingly.

We acknowledge parking availability is a key concern for parents at school drop-off and pick-up times. Data analysis and observations undertaken during this project indicate that while available parking is limited within immediate proximity to school gates at these times, parking is available within a short walk.

Have your say on the draft treatment plans

Thank you to families and stakeholders at Castlemaine, Castlemaine North and Winters Flat primary schools - we have received your input. Consultation closed on Thursday 30 March, and we'll report back on what you told us soon.

  • Castlemaine Primary School

    Review the draft treatment plan for Castlemaine P.S. and tell us what you think

  • Castlemaine North Primary School

    Review the draft treatment plan for Castlemaine North P.S. and tell us what you think

  • Winters Flat Primary School

    Review the draft treatment plan for Winters Flat P.S. and tell us what you think

Who's listening?

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