Your Community Vision

A first draft seeking your vital thoughts and feedback

After nearly 1,000 contributions totaling over 70,000 words, as well as community forums and engagement with dozens of stakeholder groups and partner organisations, we are proud to present a first draft of the Mount Alexander Shire Community Vision.

This draft draws on the input from the first round of engagement conducted for the Your Community, Your Vision project. If you'd like, you can read the report before completing the survey below.

The draft Vision

In 2031, our community is connected to each other, and comes together to build and celebrate an inclusive, creative shire.

We are a healthy community that values the natural beauty of the Djaara Country we are privileged to live upon.

We also know that preserving our natural environment means living sustainably and caring for country.

We are protecting our shire from the threat of climate change by taking action at the local level.

We are an inclusive community where everybody has access to services and supports, and opportunities for housing, education, employment and creative and social pursuits.

We’re known as a vibrant place which draws upon its creative spirit and shared heritage.

We’re building a place where everyone can enjoy the beauty, history and friendliness of the shire.

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This community engagement report summarises your input into the Your Community, Your Vision project

Stage one of Your Community, Your Vision is now closed

Nearly five hundred incredible contributions from across Mount Alexander Shire and beyond will now help shape the next phase of consultations, which will take place in June.

These consultations will include a new round of more specific questions here on Shape Mount Alexander, and in-person community meetings to be announced.

We'll be reporting back soon to show you the results of what you have told us so far!

What to expect

Your community, your vision is a six-month project where you can directly contribute to shared vision for the future of our Shire. Here's how the process will unfold.
  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    31 March, 2021

    Community input - round one

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    15 May, 2021

    Round one closes

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    1 August, 2021

    Community input - round two: public forums

  • Timeline item 4 - active

    20 August, 2021

    Draft Community Vision out for community feedback

  • Timeline item 5 - incomplete

    14 September, 2021

    Council plan drafted and presented for feedback

  • Timeline item 6 - incomplete

    19 October, 2021

    Community Vision and Council Plan adopted

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More to say?

16 May, 2021

kaytee says:

“The slower pace. Caring, conscientious and passionate community. Heritage streetscapes, cafes, food, culture, events, parks and bushlands.”

16 May, 2021

John_C says:

“Rural work and farming. Native flora and fauna. Local communities caring. Good food, music, art and film a block away. Cycling. Night stars.”

16 May, 2021

Genb says:

“The culture of community, the bush and natural environment, open spaces, the arts, proximity to Melb/Bendigo, cafes, local creativity. ”

16 May, 2021

KeppelC says:

“I love the friendly, creative and conscious community in which we live, the peaceful environment & living at a human scale close to nature.”

16 May, 2021

ElizaTree says:

“I love our Community: small, creative and expressive, with local villages. Living close to nature & the climate- with its dramatic seasons. ”

16 May, 2021

Kathryn says:

“I'm a homeless 64 yo woman living with kind friends. I love this country and community, participating with and feeling the care of others”

15 May, 2021

Hallmark says:

“Connect community, vibrant arts scene, appreciation of heritage/history, national parks, Dja Dja Wurrung culture and country.”

15 May, 2021

MrHistory says:

“Uncongested roads, clean air, low crime, great hospital, open space ,clear night sky's, built history, community groups who engage encourage”

15 May, 2021

MrHistory says:

“Taking Cairn Curran Reservoir photos. Views from Mt Tarrengower & Mt Alexander. Muckleford and Fryerstown bushlands. Local historic groups.”

15 May, 2021

MrHistory says:

“Like minded people who value attractive open rural landscape. I enjoy studying the history of our early pastoral pioneers & mining settlers.”

15 May, 2021

SarahLambert says:

“We moved from Melbourne to live in a smaller community, where people know and care about each other. Also, more sun!”

15 May, 2021

ArtistsAct says:

“The untapped potential of an intelligent creative community. Castlemaine is the destination of Melbourne’s aging diverse bohemian community.”

Share your shire story

Share your shire story

Do you have a personal story about living here in Mount Alexander Shire? Share it with your community!

The experiences of our community members tell us better than any survey about what they love about living here, and their hopes for the future. These stories will help us shape that future together.

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