In Mount Alexander Shire, waste management activities include operating the Maldon and Castlemaine transfer stations, kerbside collection waste and recycling services (the wheelie bin services), litter and dumping prevention, community education and advocating for funding.

As a local government organisation Mount Alexander Shire Council is responsible for providing waste management services and functions.

The 2023 - 2033 Waste Management Strategy outlines our high-level vision for waste management services for the future, with a focus on reducing, reusing and recycling waste.

The strategy is guided by four overarching goals and key focus areas:

  • Reduce the generation of waste
  • Increase resource recovery of reusable and recyclable material
  • Support a local circular economy
  • Minimise the environmental impact of waste management

We developed the strategy to guide how we will respond to ongoing Victorian state government policy reform.

Want to know more about our current system?

Read our 2022 kerbside bin audit summary