Final destination: a Master Plan for the Castlemaine Railway Precinct

We are developing a Master Plan to make sure that Castlemaine Railway Precinct will connect people and places and foster a sense of community for many years to come.

The Master Plan will provide a long-term framework for land activation and development in and around the area, and include a road map to implementation and advice on next steps for Council, the State Government and potential developers and tenants.

Get involved

Get involved

We are at the very beginning so now is the time for you to jump on board!

By filling out the survey below you'll help us capture critical information on the current and future states of the precinct for the Issues and Opportunities paper in development.

Use the prompts below to work through key impact areas we consider from a planning and urban design perspective. There is no right or wrong answer - we appreciated any ideas... big or small!

Later in the year we'll report back to you on this information to make sure we heard you correctly.

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Castlemaine Railway Precinct is a distinctive and unique landscape. A legacy of early Victorian public works, the railway reserve is a rich collection of railway buildings and culturally significant heritage places.

The previous precinct Master Plan was completed in 2004 and established place values for continued development, and proposed a range of improvements to increase amenity, safety, business opportunities and environmental outcomes.

In recent years the precinct has evolved as it experienced major changes associated with the operations of key tentants including the Victorian Goldfields Railway, the Castlemaine State Festival and Castlemaine Circus. The precinct has also experienced impact from emerging opportunities within the Mill precinct, the Old Castlemaine Gaol and Camp Reserve.

We're looking to the future and making sure the Castlemaine Railway Precinct is well positioned to respond to the changing needs of shire residents, tourists and the broader community.