Harcourt Town Centre Vision

A big thank you to all Harcourt residents for sharing their time and thoughts recently as we continue to build our understanding of the issues and opportunities for the town centre. This information will be reviewed and inform the final Vision Document for adoption by Council.

The document will inform a town centre master plan. The plan will seek to give Harcourt a heart whilst retaining the open relaxed atmosphere that meshes well with the surrounding landscape.

Keep your eye on Shape for future updates on the project.

If you want to know more about earlier plans, background documents can be found on the Plan Harcourt (Amendment C94) project page on our website.

Have we got the ten key action areas right?

Leave your comments or suggestions about the actions in the forum below and can add an image or photo if you need to. Council and other community members will be able to see your comments, vote on them, or respond if necessary.