There are two maps you can comment on - both are DRAFT models only. The knowledge you share will help us test the accuracy of these draft models, and improve and validate any final map models.

Map 1 is a draft model to represent the 2022 flood event.

Map 2 is a draft model to represent a large scale flood event. We use the 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) standard. This is used by the Victorian Government to represent a flood that has a 1% chance of occurring, or being exceeded in any given year. For example, a 1% AEP indicates that there is a 1% change in any given year if the event occurring, which means that on average one event of this size or larger will occur every 100 years - this model also factors in future climate change impacts.

The ask:

Add your comments, evidence or photos directly on to either map - please provide as much detail as possible.

Map 1: 2022 flood event draft model

Map 2: Large flood event draft model